Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Foods to Eat or Avoid

In Jessica Black's book listed below, some inflammatory foods I have found to AVOID include the nightshade vegetables tomatoes and potatoes, but also ALL wheat and corn products, refined sugar and flour, and caffeine.

Some SAFE foods for me to include are legumes, chicken, turkey, fresh cold water fish (salmon, trout, tuna), vegetables, fruits (limit to 2 per day - no citrus), nuts, seeds, and rice/rice products. All products are encouraged to be organic so they will not include added hormones, pesticides or herbicides, thus further comprising your immune system.

Inflammatory foods are covered over many chapters, along with recipes. You have to do a bit of reading to understand the triggers of specifics foods to inflammation within the body. I have tried several of the recipes and found them to be extremely easy and tasty. It is also very easy to adapt my own recipes to fit the suggested foods and enter the recipe into for further nutritional analysis and determination of inflammation factor.  This is a very COOL feature of this website. Seriously, it's worth your while to check it out!

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