Friday, July 8, 2011

The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

In researching the Alkaline Diet, there appears to be many similarities between it and the Anti-Inflammatory Diet. The Alkaline Diet divides foods into higher pH groups which potentially show more alkalinity and those in lower pH groups which show more acidity in their nature. [The relative alkalinity or acidity of foods is measured by the pH value of the ash residue that remains after a food has been metabolized by our body. This ash can be acid, alkaline or neutral depending upon the mineral content of the food.]*

Although the Anti-Inflammatory Diet does not relate foods to pH values, many of the recommended foods are the same. Basically sugar, refined foods, fatty foods, meats, dairy, yeast, carbonated drinks, chips, chocolate and alcohol should be limited as they all leave an "acid" ash.  Vegetables, fruits and seeds should be increased, as they leave an "alkaline" ash. The American diet tends to lean towards being an over-acidic diet, resulting in chronic health issues, fatigue, gum and teeth problems, susceptibility to colds, chronic pain and inflammation.  The Alkaline diet can help balance the acidity and perhaps even prevent some of the health issues that arise with eating an acidic diet.

So let's take a little sample of the pH values of certain foods: (per one oz. of food)
Alkaline vegetables
Avocado    +15.6
Cucumber  +31.5
Spinach      +13.1

Acidic meats, dairy, carbonated drinks, and alcohol
Pork           -38.1
Cheese       -18.1
Artificial Sweeteners  -26.5
Wine          -16.4
Liquor        -38.7

Fruits and nuts are the exception in these two categories, as they can be either acidic or alkaline but their benefits may outweigh their values.
Almonds    +3.6
Peanuts     -12.8
Cashews     -9.3
Watermelon -1.0
Natural Fruit Juice  -8.7
Processed Fruit Juice  -33.6

There's a good pdf chart online which outlines the Alkaline and Acidic foods into two separate groups. It recommends a diet of 75% Alkaline foods to 25% Acidic foods. I thought this might be a good starting point for you to evaluate your daily diet and ask your Doctor/Dietician what they would recommend. The link for the food chart is at: Another good breakdown of pH values is found at:

The comparison of Alkaline foods to Anti-Inflammatory foods is similar in that Alkaline foods are mainly the leafy green and root vegetables, excluding potatoes. It does include the nightshade vegetables of eggplant, peppers and tomatoes, which add to inflammation in the body (see my previous posts on Nightshade Vegetables). Many of the fruits are the same in both food plans. The following link is a chart for Anti-Inflammatory foods  You can determine the similarities and differences between the two diets.

The benefits of both diets seek to control eating habits that have gone away from fresh produce. Limiting sugar and processed foods is known to aid in healing the body. Balancing portion control with food choices continues to be our main responsibility in helping make our bodies healthier.

Thanks for stopping by today - I wish you all the very best!

[* Excerpt from webpage:]


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  2. Thank you for your comments. I'm not an expert in the nutrition field, just an interested person researching healthy ways to eat and help my body to heal.

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